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PLC 4/15/19

Monday, April 15, 2019


SPL: Garret

ASPL: Jason

3 monkeys patrol leader: Miles

Meme patrol leader: Petros

Arstotzka: Elias

Avery: troop guide


Thorns and roses

Miles: better than the average campout, no one died, several people gained requirements, everyone got fed.

We can improve by making sure patrol members wandering, also, various time faults

Petros: meh as some people were not listening, not cleaning up after themselves.

We can improve by making sure that people are actually doing KP when they are assigned to it,

and cleaning up their own messes.

Avery:keeping up on time and that caused many delays

Elias: went pretty well, and we packed up. We need tarps as better safe than sorry.

Before we leave, we need to check that everything was present and clean

Patrol bins

Soyer: patrol bins need to be clean and restocked, and to be more compact. We also need smaller bins

Avery: we need to buy 3 more wooden bins.

We need to have a troop meeting on how to clean the stoves and such. We also need smaller refillable propane tanks.

Troop meeting:

April 22: inventory meeting about how to do kp and clean the dishes or the stove, with patrol leaders at each station.

April camporee planning meeting, If extra time, play some games

May 31st: patrol campouts

5/13 open house at church with each patrol granting 2 skills

June 17- Troop swim night- swimming test and various requirements

Please send your preferences merit badges to Mr. Oyen in advance so that they can be requested.

Always come wearing your full scout uniform. If you are unable to, at least wear a scouting related article of clothing.

Full scout order includes 1. Shirt 2. Belt 3. Green pants 4. Green socks 5. (optional) neckerchief.

Also keep this on transportation and in public.

Patrol order- we need to find a permitted punishment/incentive for misbehaving scouts