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PLC 5/6/19

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Garret O’laughlin

Jason Harris

Petros Blankenstien







Camporee overview

Jason: overall went well, younger scouts need to listen more. Went pretty well, didn’t like zone restriction

Petros: activities were fun, we should make the distance between activities smaller.

Chandler: liked all the activities, but they should be closer.

Elias: liked them.
Patrol Bins- we are getting custom aluminum bins. We also need to get smaller bins for patrol campouts, or at least restock them.

Most scouts do not know the scout oath or law. This goes hand in hand with not knowing the outdoor code or leave no trace policy

Patrol campouts this June

5/13- Open house- different activities for each patrol, need to be well made activities. Kids will have sign-off passports. A major intake for advocates. We are adding girls to the mix.

5/20- tenderfoot fitness requirements

5/27- campout planning/ unplanned

Summer camp cascade rangers and outbounds for older scouts, age 14+