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PLC Meeting 6/3/2019

Monday, June 3, 2019






Miles: pt camp outs went well overall and they are ready to integrate

Chan: went smooth

Petros: was funny

Thoughts on incorporation of scout oath law and outdoor law- we need to recite every Monday with a poster board

Patrol bin stockage- some supplies are yet to be acquired​

Upcoming events-

Swim night June 24 at 7pm.includes  lifesaving requirements with discussion meeting prior

Demonstrate rescue methods and ability to swim in various fashion

Taught by Avery and chandler, guided by mr Mackin 6/24

Planning meet on 6/24

Planning meeting to decide vote for next summer camp, which will be in-counsel

Camp is July 7–13

July 1 is the SPL election

Laz’s book is still missing.  

Help him find it.

We are inviting the female group to our August camp out

They’re also invited to the court of honor on the 10th ​

Chandler, miles, Petros and Lazarus are designing new troop tees