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PLC Minutes

Monday, January 20, 2020


Jason (SPL)

Miles (PL and ASPL)







Sawyer: Start planning more before we do something, stop making mac and cheese and continue making small patrols.


Miles: start teaching scouts how to plan meals better and stop being grouchy. The kid’s don’t understand why they need to follow rules, instructions and the patrol method.


Petros: Start making sure everyone hastily gets up in the morning, continue making high quality meals and stop refusing to do kp in the morning


Patrol bin summary: we need 2 pots and 2 pans for each patrol so multiple dishes can be cooked at once.


Adittional notes: sometimes people wanderd from their patrol, and it got bad when they came to another’s site and began cooking alone. The ratio of younger to older scouts is too high, and the lowest is a 1:1 ratio at this campout. 


 January 27: making recipe lists and cleaning cast iron

February 2nd: Scout Sunday

February 3rd: Court of honor

February 10: SPL elections and job speeches

February 17: planning  meeting for the Aubrey Watzek lodge

February 22-23 Aubrey Watzek lodge/high adventure

March 13-15 Royce finel Campout