PLC Minutes 12/12/16

Monday, December 26, 2016

Florida Sea Base Bahamas Crew Experience - By Zack D.

Sea Base Bahamas Adventure!

Scouts Zack, Chad, Jordan, Rian, and Henry with adults Ruth and Jim

PLC Minutess 11/14/16

Butte Creek:

• Cook better food
• Pat and Jordan need to eat less food
• Need more advancement at Campouts 

Troop Meetings:

PLC Minutes 10/24/16


  • Isaac/Charles lead next campfire (Vote 4-0-0)
  • Possibility of two campfires, either one long campfire with two programs or one campfire on

    Friday and one on Saturday

    Meeting Planning:
    • No sunglasses in PLCs
    • CPR Training: January 2nd, January 9th, or December 12th (Vote 4-0-0) • Nov 1st - Campout planning for butte creek
    • Nov 21st - PLC
    • Nov 28th - undecided
    • Leadership training with Mr. Pangelinan for 5-6 hours (Vote 2-1-1)

    Patrol Meetings:

Patrol Campout Summary -- The Fellowship of the Patrol

I think the campout went really well. No one got wet, the food was good, and everyone had a good time. The highlights were mostly hiking. We hiked up to Multnomah falls and horsetail falls. On the day we left we stopped at Bonneville dam. All in all I think everyone had a great time.

-- Pavlos

Patrol Campout Summary -- Aflac

Last weekend my patrol went to Meriwether Super Weekend along with the BOBS. Meriwether had the shotgun and rifle ranges open. My patrol did a lot of rifle shooting and the climbing tower was open and we did a lot of climbing as well. Trail to first class was open and some of my patrol members got a few requirements signed off. Jordan and I also played horseshoes. Overall, my patrol had a fun time and it was a great weekend.

-- Henry

Patrol Campout Summary -- Ninjas

For our patrol campout we went to Royce finnel. The camp site looked great and we explored a bit and found some trails that we had never seen before. After lunch we drove down to Fort Stevens. It was awesome to be at the fort again and see some of the new vehicles they had on display. That night we built a camp fire with Jacobs "Fire Bomb." Bradley finished his First class cooking requirement. Thank you to Mr. Hendricks and Mr Oyen for coming with us to camp.In conclusion Royce finnel proved again to be a great camp out.

-- Charles

Cooper Leadership Campout Summary

We had a great time at Camp Cooper. The Troop participated in Leadership training and many requirements were finished. We also had fun at the archery range as well as hiking to a nearby waterfall. The service project for this camp out was moving gravel up a hill and digging holes. In conclusion the Troop had a great time at Camp Cooper. Thank you to all the adults who came with us.

-- Isaac


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